Saving Chalo

Saving Chalo is a 3-part drama series that also stands as a feature film. This project was adopted from an award-winning short film “Saving Chalo-short film”. This project focuses on various subjects such as human rights, safer nicotine products, cessation, drug control, tobacco control, and many other various subjects related to tobacco harm reduction. 

This project uses digital storytelling to amplify unheard narratives and foster conversations and training on tobacco harm reduction. through engaging with relevant stakeholders in schools, communities, and bars. By creating an exit survey at the end of each screening, we will be able to identify changes in knowledge and understanding of tobacco harm reduction as a result of viewing the film. This project will also be used to empower victims of tobacco harm with information. We will use it as an instrument of advocacy for policy formulation to curb the use of tobacco and encourage the use of safe alternatives to smoked tobacco.

The film will also be uploaded on various media platforms, distributed to the press, local television stations, and to online forums dealing with the issues covered. We will try to ensure that it is seen by policy-makers and peer organizations in order to keep the conversation.

The aims & objectives

To use film as a tool to examine the harms of tobacco and explore the options that are available to people for the safer usage of nicotine.